Friday, February 26, 2016

The Girl @theParisReview Says Uncool

The idiot girl @theParisReview says uncool:

that, to critique, the phrase, the trappings of,

is used by “100% pretentious hacks.” And  
the editor @PoetryFound retweets her crap,

and an article on pooping, besides. I was                 

going to tweet a Baudelaire, from “Beauty,” line,

line by displaced line:

I am beautiful, o mortals, like a dream of stone

But thought better of it (a proscribed phrase?)

 —an unpretentious #Stalinist might

tell me not to translate, or Baudelaire not to write.

(But what does this mean:

Je hais le mouvement qui déplace les lignes?

Is the idiot girl @ParisCool right?) No, she is

an idiot, disliking a history without her part,

as I dislike the way the young are heartless, mean,

calling it honest (and I was different @18?)

This poem appeared in Gargoyle.
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