Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ten Reasons to Get Behind Hillary Now

1. If Nixon had an enemies list, what will Trump have?
2. Trump doesn’t believe that humans change climate. During his presidency, polluters will flood the atmosphere with carbon, heating the ocean surface, which will rise and likely flood New York and other coastal cities by 2050.
3. Trump will surround himself with flatterers for advisers. The ego displays you see now will be known as Trump’s insightful and tactful days.
4. If you protest his actions, you will be arrested. No rights, no lawyers, no phone calls, maybe beating and torture. Because he can. And has said he will.
5. Paul Ryan schools Trump about the separation of powers. Like Trump gives a shit about the Constitution,
6. Speaking of the Constitution, Trump will wipe his ass on the Bill of Rights, except for the lunatic and completely incorrect version of the Second Amendment used by Republicans.
7. Trump will give indelible new meaning to the phrase “bully pulpit.”
8. You will get to see the @realdonaldtrump.
9. Trump is a sociopath. He doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone but himself. But unlike Tony Soprano who you thought was so cool, this guy is coming for you.
10. If you are not against him, you are for him. ‪@HillaryClinton‬

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Necrophilic Narcissism and Donald Trump

Eric Fromm coined the term "necrophilic narcissism" in his book, Anatomy of Human Destructiveness, as he probed the extremes of human evil. In this syndrome, the ordinary narcissist's selfishness and lack of empathy and insight is infused with sadistic joy in the sufferings, more, actual destruction, of others, whose humanity the necrophilic narcissist can not feel. Often, these people seem ordinary and do not understand that what they are doing is wrong, as Hannah Arendt observed of Adolf Eichmann in his war crimes trial, citing "the banality of evil."
My parents were Holocaust-involved and, early in Donald Trump's campaign, I recognized something. A bully. A man who enjoys humiliating others. A pathological need for attention. An inability to understand honesty or integrity. The love of scapegoating. Bigotry. A person who doesn't care, in every sense of the phrase, about anyone except himself. People told me I was foolish to be alarmed, that he could never win the Republican nomination. Now they tell me he can't win the presidency. Are you sure? Really sure? It's important not to miss on this one.
I want to fight him now. While I still can. Please, tell me how.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Happy Bloomsday! Father of a Ghost (Stephen Dedalus on Hamlet)

James Joyce b. February 2
Hamnet Shakespeare baptized February 2

Father of a ghost, but from the charnel dead!
Truepenny called, but bid his one son read
A woeful bedtime tale. So list: if Hamnet were
A suicide (the rest, what is the rest?); if Shakespeare were
Behorned by Ann (and her way hath will, clear)
And asked the poor young Hamnet now to kill the ‘dulterous peer,
(Perhaps to pour the poison in the porches of his ear?)
Cert, he would read just like a crab, ass backward and in fear:
Hamlet (his twin), ou le Distrait, une Pièce de Père Shakespeare;
Ophelia-like, rosemary clad, made mad with that despair.
Or … if the canon ‘gainst self-slaughter held fast,
Would he be murdered with all murdered at last?
And, scarred by family the most,
Who would rise to be his ghost?

From #specialcharacters by Larissa Shmailo, available from Amazon and Unlikely Books.

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