Thursday, February 09, 2012

My poem translated into Farsi by Rahi

I am so very pleased that Mohammad Mostaghimi (the poet Rahi) has translated yet another one of my poems. Here are the English and Persian versions of "My First Hurricane." Thank you, Rahi! Mamnoon!

My First Hurricane

Like a dead leaf

Lifted from the scorched summer earth

Now wet and almost green

Like a dead leaf

Carried by a thundercloud

And brought to water by wind:

I am here in the eye of the storm

Dizzy, motionless,

Suspended in the humid air


Trees tremble.

I breathe slowly.

I have known tempests, squalls, and gentle rain.

You are my first hurricane.

لاریسا شمایلو
نخستین تندباد من

چونان برگی پژمرده
از تابستان سوخته‌ی زمین بالا رفت
اینک نمناک و سبزگون
چونان برگی پژمرده
بر دوش ابر صاعقه‌دار
و سفر تا آب
با باد

اینک من
در شرجی
چشم‌ به‌ راه

درختان می‌لرزند
به آرامی دم می‌زنم
ژاله‌باران‌ها را می‌شناسم
تو نخستین تندباد منی!

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