Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Gospel According to Magdalene

1. I saw you first, writing in the sand
I couldn't hear you: They were cursing me, throwing stones, screaming
Bitch Cunt Whore Bitch Cunt Whore

2. I couldn't hear you: You were quiet and the pimp was holding me,
Whispering in my ear,
Telling me I was a man's woman
A natural born whore,
And Mama smiled and turned her head, paid the mortgage on my back,
And spit on me. You parasite, she hissed, you little bitch,
You made Papa bad.

3. So I ran, ran, ran, ran, ran for my life
In any direction I could
Like a dead leaf I rode the wind
I didn’t know
That you were the cloud that would carry me
Didn't feel
Your wind beneath my veins
Didn't hear
The birds I followed with my eyes
I flew without breath, running for my life.

4. I couldn't hear you, you were so quiet
I still don't know why
And the pimp’s voice was soft, hissing in my ear, telling me
I was damned if I didn't
And the tricks were leering, saying
I was damned if I did, but do me baby,
Just do me now
And their women, their thin, cold women
Just told me I was damned.

5. I saw you first, writing in the sand
Even as I ran for my life:
The mob turned to you, saying,
Rabbi, should we kill her?
And you laughed:
And I saw the word you had written in the brown sand,
And your hand writing twice just in case I didn't see,
And I saw the word as I fell to the soft sand,
The word of beginning, the word in your hand,
And I took the word, all the words, and wrote them all over
and I laughed and I wrote and was free

Chapter 5. Stations

I was there, I saw your face
When you fell for the third time
When the cross dragged you under
When they nailed you at last.

I was there, I saw your face
When the pain of betrayal
Would have made any man
Sell his soul to be dead

I was there, I saw your face
When you cried to the Heavens
Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachtani?
And the heavens  split open
For the grace of despair
For that prayer of despair
For the gift of despair.

Revelation: The Second Coming

It's time for the second coming, boy where have you been ? I've missed you.

I just called to say
that the boys are back in town and I'm with them
and we're ready to rock
ready to rumble
ready to roll

I know I’ve been quiet
But I’ve been thinking about you, no one else: I guess live been shy
haven't spoken my mind
they told me not to,
told me it wasn't nice
for a girl;
told me not to drop the cross, not to climb the mountain, not to teach in church
but like you say, fuck ‘em
I don't care what people say
so come see about me
I can stay out late tonight

I want to come with you
be your biker chick, your angel, your new cross, a true cross ,a cross with breasts

I will soothe your Armageddon, your Jihad; I will be your avenging angel
I will be on your side this time
cause you are my vehicle baby
and the kingdom of heaven is mine on your wheels

let me be your cross

this time , next time, now:
I will raise an army call down jihad make your missiles rise make your scud blow
I will kick down the walls of your tomb
I will blow all hell
Satan’s slaves, I am your worst nightmare

this time next time now
raise an army for you
harrow hell and
find some roughnecks to kick down the walls of your tomb
listen centurion: the soul of a woman was created below now you know why
centurion, i am your worst nightmare
hell hath no fury like a woman whose man has been gone a long time
but that's all right, baby, I always believed in you I knew you would come back for your woman

I will not let you be crucified again.
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