Monday, March 14, 2016

My Dead

My husband lost his shirt at cards; insolvent, he then drowned
in slick Cancun on our honeymoon; years now, it still astounds             
how fast, how fast, a living hell can turn a life around. 
My godchild told me pointedly if she were to attempt
to die that she'd succeed at once; her word she promptly kept,
and took a hundred opiates and drifted to her death.                              
My punk rock pimp, a crush of mine, loved theater and art.
He sodomized and strangled a young man who broke his heart.
He packed a bag of bondage toys and left for foreign parts.                  

Before her death, my mother called and calmly sat me down;
if she could do it all again, she'd have no children, none.
She lived her life in anger and, despite us, all alone.       

My father drank and slept around; he was a well-liked guy.                  .
He said I love you once to me the night before he died
Was that a feeling come too late, or panic in his eyes?  
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