Saturday, February 16, 2013


MadHat Presents (formerly the “Poetry, Prose, and Anything Goes” reading series of Mad Hatters’ Review) and Unlikely Stories: Episode IV (grandchild of Unlikely Stories and overbearing spouse of Unlikely Books) are teaming up to bring you a literary afternoon of weirdness, whimsy, and complete unpredictability!

New Yorkers Alexander Cigale, Dana Golin, Susan Lewis, Peter Marra and Larissa Shmailo will be there, bringing you visions and images from alien imaginations, global and interdimensional. Joel Lewis will be joining us from New Jersey, with a suitcase of thoughtful analyses and careful observations. Jonathan Penton will be on hand from Louisiana, drinking your oil spills and stealing your toothpaste. And Marc Vincenz will be joining us all the way from Zurich, with his searing and sophisticated cosmologies and romanticism.

Our writers will be accompanied by Leon Dewan of Dewanatron, inventor of the Swarmatron, the crazed electronic genius described at

The whole thing goes down at Sidewalk, 94 Avenue A, New York, AT 3:30 PM, where the beers are buy-one-get-one-free refill on Saturday afternoons! And after our read, stick around for a Boog City Literary event at 6pm!

You can learn more about the Unlikely series at and the MadHat family at And check out Unlikely Hatters: Part II at le poisson rouge, described at!
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