Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ulysses erasure poems up at the Altered Scale blog

Two Poems by Larissa Shmailo

Scylla and Charybdis

Unsheathe your dagger definitions.
Streams of tendency
and the eons they worship.

God’s noise in the street: Space.

What is a ghost? Dialectic:
No man, not a woman,
will ever know.

Oxen of the Sun

Send us, bright one, light one, wombfruit.
Before born babe bliss had; 
within womb won he worship.
Too, she will bring forth by God
His bounty and have joy of 
her childing. 
(A pregnancy without joy, 
a birth without pangs, a
body without blemish, a 
belly without bigness.) 

There, that got in, through pleading, 
her belly. And now on the stools,
poor body, two days past her time,
the midwives sore and can’t deliver.
The abnormalities of harelip, breast 
mole, supernumerary digit, straw-
berry mark and portwine stain.
Swineheaded, doghaired infants 
occasionally born.

Little father, little father:
The Minotaur.

*Note: Both poems are erasures from Ulysses

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