Saturday, January 05, 2013

Russian Christmas Sale: Exorcism, the Poetry CD

My poetry, CD, Exorcism, is on sale! Buy the CD with jewel case NOW for only $12.99 or in MP3 for $9.99! Single tracks $0.99.

Features "Warsaw Ghetto," "How to Meet and Dance with Your Death," Anna Akhmatova, "My First Hurricane," "He follows her," and much more! Original music composed and performed by guitarist Bobby Perfect.

Video trailer for EXORCISM:"

"In a sea of mimics, this poet is an original voice.\" ---Doug Holder, Ibbetson Street Press

\"Shmailo reads with so much intensity, intonation, energy, in velvety and sensual voice, that to not hear this would be a missed experience....Shmailo is intense. She can shock, she can tickle, she can entrance. Shmailo poetizes devils with the same skill as she weaves words around God and Magdalene. Her poetry is as lushly sensual as it is cutting to the bone. This is about love and pain, birth and rebirth, fields of magnolias, and surviving the Warsaw ghetto... The slap of shock is appropriate. This is not merely strong performance, it is also strong in substance.\"---Zinta Aistars, The Smoking Poet

\"Larissa Shmailo does not think small. On Exorcism, she is trying to do nothing less than exorcise the demons of human evil...While this is the overarching theme of the Exorcism (and it is, for the most part, a powerful and effective theme), it is not all that is going on on this CD. There are a number of individually powerful poems here, such as “The Gospel According to Magdalene,” “Bloom,” and “Abortion Hallucination.” They all fit, some tightly, some loosely, into the larger theme, but also stand well on their own. ---G. Murray Thomas, Poetix

\"The whole CD digs...bringing forth fiery, unorthodox, visceral imagery of the Devil and Magdalena, lovers and torturers and survivors. [Shmailo] crafts breath, rhythm, and rhyme, with a relaxed and dancerly demeanor and natural authority. Highly recommended.\" ---Anne Elliott, Ass Backwords

\"Exorcism, Larissa Shmailo\'s second poetry CD, displays the remarkable range and electrifying vitality that have won her admirers worldwide. Following fast on the release of The No-Net World, Larissa Shmailo returns to her deepest poetic origins, and from there, reveals an ascendancy that will mystify and astound. Begin your Exorcism." - Eric Yost
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