Friday, August 31, 2012

The Christian Far-Right Is Near

What's on my mind? Christian Reconstructionists, formerly known as Dominionists, the extreme right wing of the Christian Fundamentalist movement (Akin is among these). Once a fringe faction, they are now a recognized and highly regarded movement in the Republican party, responsible for the planks in many state Republican platforms that undermine the Constitution’s separation of church and state and for government funding of "faith-based programs."

Christian Reconstructionists seek a Christian theocracy in the United States based on a "cultural mandate" they believe they find in Genesis which gives white Protestant males dominion over women and nonwhites. Not all of them believe in stoning gays to death, but many do. They oppose contraception and abortion. They don't like Jews. They justify racism (and slavery) based on the old “sons of Ham” interpretation from the Old Testament. They elect representatives and are trying to elect Akin to the senate in Missouri – politicians like Mike Huckabee and many others depended on their money. They have ideological ties with the growing Nazi and neoConfederate movements in the United States.

Can you tell me, based on the incidents in the current campaign season and at the RNC, that I am an alarmist to worry about these people? What do you think they will do with a president and Congress firmly in their back pockets?

I, for one, am about to get political.
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